Hundreds of users have anecdotally related positive results without any negative side effects. Some of these same users have enjoyed the use of their Treadwell for literally hours at a time, day after day and experienced positive results without fatigue, muscle soreness, joint pain or other discomfort.
Long-term care / Nursing Homes, PACE Adult Day Care, Adult Day Care & Physical Therapy / Rehabilitation centers; Medical Research; Professional & Amateur Athletics; Medical Conditions & Medical Procedures Recovery; Corporate Wellness; BENEFIT FROM THE TREADWELL® DEVICE AND PATENTED TREADWELL® MODALITY.
Restless Leg Syndrome, DVT, Ulcerations, Tendonitis and Neuropathy; all common conditions suffered by those in Long-term Care and Rehabilitation facilities are alleviated by using the Treadwell® device and the Treadwell® patented modality.
Professional & Amateur Athletics: Athletes routinely suffer from muscle cramping and fatigue. Using the Treadwell® device relieves cramping. Using the Treadwell® device results in quicker recovery from strenuous physical exertion. The Treadwell® device = the competitive edge.
Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD); Recovery from Knee Surgery and most other major surgeries; Venostatic Ulcers and Venous Disease (venostasis); Diabetes Mellitus (DM) induced poor circulation; All are dramatically improved by using the Treadwell® device and the Treadwell® patented modality.
Lymphedema, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and most conditions exacerbated by fluid retention are improved by using the Treadwell® device and the Treadwell® patented modality.
Corporate Wellness & Productivity: The Treadwell® device and patented modality enhances employee productivity and wellness by overcoming the effects of the insidious SeDS (Sedentary Death Syndrome) that erodes productivity and increases sick time utilization. Increase productivity, employee wellness and profitability - Treadwell® device.
Sleep Deprivation resulting from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) robs the body of necessary rehabilitation and rejuvenation that is reversed by using the Treadwell® device and the Treadwell® patented modality.
Improved balance and decreased nocturia result in fewer falls and reduce risk of broken bones when the Treadwell® device and the Treadwell® patented modality are used before retiring.

Technology for Nursing Homes, Adult Day Care (PACE), and Long-term-care Facilities

  • Improved physical therapy outcomes
  • Reduced risk of injury from falls for many users
  • Non-invasive
  • Low effort, no impact
  • Effective for physically compromised users
  • No increase in vital signs
  • No overuse syndromes
  • Overall improvement in user wellness
  • Transportable to the resident
  • Increase staff productivity


  • Green – No Electricity or other external power required
  • Transportable
  • Counter for monitoring and charting usage
  • Utilizes inertia and momentum provided by the user for ease of use.
  • Patented technology
  • There is no other known commercial device or equipment that increases blood flow without a corresponding increase in vital signs that can be used on a daily basis with no untoward affects resulting for the user.
  • Anecdotal reports and preliminary studies suggest that the Treadwell® Device may be helpful in the treatment of wound healing, leg ulcer healing , edema of the lower extremities, venous blood flow disorders (venostasis) peripheral arterial disease (PAD), restless leg syndrome (RLS), congestive heart failure (CHF), and peripheral neuropathy.

Treadwell® Wellness Device Product Description

The Treadwell® Wellness Device is a revolutionary device with Treadwell® patented technology that even the most physically compromised can use. Our innovative new technology is non-invasive and easy to use. It is designed for ease of use with very low exertion. The design allows for virtually no resistance, no impact motion for the user as compared to high exertion, high resistance, high impact exercise devices. Our device is especially well suited for the residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities who have reached a stage in life where a more sedentary life style results from physical realities that time imposes upon them. The Treadwell® Wellness Device provides the benefits of increased blood flow usually gained from exercise and can be used on a daily basis without the risk of doing harm.


The Science of the Treadwell® Wellness Device

By harnessing the power of the body’s “Calf Pump Mechanism” with the device, the user’s blood flow velocity increases, particularly in the lower extremities. The increase in blood flow has been studied and documented by using DopplerĀ® Ultrasound. The results of our study were published in the Journal of Medical Diagnostic Sonography May/June 2010 issue in an article title Dynamic Peripheral Vascular Ultrasonograpy: A Novel Technique. The study indicates that blood flow increases significantly when the user engages the Treadwell® Wellness Device.

We know that the tightening of the calf muscles that occurs during the rocking motion of the ankle squeezes the veins in the legs. This squeezing action propels the blood up the legs toward the heart while one way valves in the veins prevent back-flow.

We believe the muscles are re-oxygenated and nourished while fluid is moved out of the lower extremities to allow more venous blood to return. We also believe that the efficiency of the heart increases and a corresponding increase in blood flow occurs throughout the body with a corresponding gain in the effectiveness of the body’s systems and organs.

Treadwell® Wellness Device Business Channels

Long-term Care Facilities, Rehabilitation Facilities, Physical Therapy, Medical Research & Testing, Professional and Amateur Athletic Sports and Teams, Corporate Wellness, and Long-haul Passenger & Commercial Transportation (transcontinental/transoceanic aviation, trucking, busing, rail, travel centers and truck stops).


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