Better Outcomes-Less Time:


A patented methodology uses the human body’s 2nd heart, the calf muscles, to increase the velocity of blood in the circulatory system without increasing the vital signs of the user while the user provides all the energy to power the device;  Remarkable and Unique! This supports the body in ways of no other activity or movement because of what it does not do.  It does not increase vital signs and does not cause a redistribution of  blood in the body as always occurs with exercise that increases vital signs.   The body receives more oxygen, nutrients, enzymes, hormones and antibodies where it needs them more quickly.  Carbon dioxide and byproducts of cellular activity are removed and transported to the filtering organs more quickly. 

Better than expected health, wellness and healing outcomes have been observed that occured in less time than expected for numerous diseases and conditions as compared to outcomes from currently recognized best practices in many cases.

Please visit our “Diseases and Conditions” page under the “Medical Markets” menu item for a detailed list of diseases and conditions that have responded positively to the Treadwell® System.